Software Cases

Randy Lindsey

Web-driven Centralized Video Transcoding System

A major video-streaming company needed a centralized method to transcode customer-uploaded videos into Flash format. The previous method of transcoding on the customer's PC was too slow and cumbersome, with myriad support problems.

I designed an innovative architecture involving multiple servers for scalability and redundancy. I then implemented this architecture on a series of Linux servers, using separate servers for Apache web hosting, a MySQL database server, and two Flash transcoding servers. I wrote the programs using PHP. I replicated this architecture for multiple customers, sometimes combining all the functions onto a single physical server, sometimes with separate servers. In all cases I configured the Linux operating system, installed and configured Apache, MySQL, PHP and NFS, configured the software for the customer's specific requirements, tested and documented the system.

The video-streaming company has been successful in selling this system and generating revenue.

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