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Randy Lindsey

You need to secure your network, servers, workstations, laptops and network infrastructure. But that's only the start!

Your applications may each have independent security requirements, frequently requiring your users to maintain multiple sets of usernames and passwords. And you need to consider that an insider or a hacker might bypass the application's built-in security to access the data directly.

Then there's your website. If your website has programming or scripting, outsiders can frequently find ways to break in and access your data. This is an area where the security tools lag far behind the threat environment, and most developers give this little thought.

Virus, worm and phishing attacks, not to mention spam, require constant vigilance. Few networks are able to keep all their computers updated with the latest antivirus software. I have experience with ways to help.

Few organizations have defined a security policy, which is the key starting point. The security policy helps you define what needs to be protected, set priorities, spot areas of vulnerability, and manage your security.

All of this may seem overwhelming, but I can help you get a handle on it. With my assistance, you can once again gain control of your security environment.

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