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Software Cases

The following are a sampling of the projects which I have designed and implemented, sometimes with a team and sometimes alone. In all of these cases the system successfully met the client’s business requirements.

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Bid management system for book publishing company

A small consulting firm in the book publishing field was pricing and presenting project bids using an ancient SuperCalc spreadsheet. I designed a modern database-driven application which incorporated their industry-specific knowledge and formulas. By designing for flexibility...click here for details on this project.

Web-driven centralized video transcoding system

A major video-streaming company needed a centralized method to transcode customer-uploaded videos into Flash format. I designed an innovative architecture involving multiple servers for scalability and redundancy. I then implemented this architecture on a series of Linux servers...click here for details on this project.

Enhancements and ongoing maintenance for International Triathlon Union website (triathlon.org)

I took over completion, maintenance and enhancements on this extensive, PHP-based website when it was nearly finished. I implemented a sophisticated new feature allowing federations and individual athletes to manage their own race entries and a results system...click here for details on this project.

Home-delivery dairy delivery, billing and production forecasting system

A large dairy farm which delivers milk to homes (the traditional "milkman") was hamstrung by a manual paper-based tracking and billing system. I designed and implemented a new system which facilitates much faster daily entry of deliveries into the billing system by automatically generating the normal and special orders...click here for details on this project.

Highly successful Humane Society management system

In the mid-1990's, the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region was attempting to manage 30,000 animal licenses and rabies vaccinations using an antiquated Data General minicomputer. I designed and programmed a replacement that was able to grow with the Humane Society through a substantial increase in animal licensing and animals housed...click here for details on this project.

Construction bidding system

An asphalt paving company has several full-time employees who estimate and bid paving jobs from small driveways and parking lots up to large-scale state highway paving jobs. I produced a system that allowed them to formulate standardized combinations of crews and equipment for different types of jobs resulting in more accurate bids, fewer mistakes...click here for details on this project.

Automated interfaces between disparate call-tracking systems

In the early 1990's, Digital Equipment Corporation operated a large customer service center, answering support calls and helping customers troubleshoot hardware and software problems. I developed software and interfaces that allowed the exchange of data between diverse systems in a standardized fashion. This reduced duplicate data entry, sped dispatch of service calls...click here for details on this project.

Serial port driver for commercial Bulletin Board System.

A startup Bulletin Board System (BBS) in the late 1980's had all the pieces in place except for a way to tie dial-up customers into their customized data retrieval software. I wrote an assembly-language driver which interfaced the serial port to the MS-DOS terminal driver...click here for details on this project.

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